Welcome to this tutorial video. We are going to guide you step by step to install and set up your AIO to your domestic network.

Plug your AIO’s power cord into a power outlet.

Press the Power button and wait approximately 10 seconds until the orange LED stops blinking and the 3 musical notes to sound.

Go to your store (App Store or Google Play) and download the app TRIANGLE AIO.

Press the Connect button on the back of your AIO. A voice will indicate that your speaker is now ready to connect to your smartphone.

Launch the app and press «Add device». Open your phone WiFi network and connect to «TRIANGLE AIO3-XXX». A voice will confirm that your phone is connected.

Once you are connected to the WiFi of your AIO, return to the app, select your domestic WiFi network and enter the password.

Your AIO3 is ready to operate. Make sure that the WiFi signal of the device is good enough. If necessary, move your speaker closer to your router or connect an Ethernet cable for an optimal listening experience.

If your speaker is connected with an Ethernet cable, it will be automatically recognized on your network without requiring a setup.

User manual

Download the AIO user manual for a complete product presentation and full installation process.